JET 649005K Drum Sander Review

The Jet 649005K drum sander has zinc-plated steel tension rollers mounted next to the drum to keep your material firmly in place while working. This sander also eliminates snipe by having an adjustable drum height and downward pressure. This unit promises to deliver highly precise sanding thickness control with its large, user-friendly cast-iron height adjustment.  This 22X44 model allows you to sand material up to 44 inches wide. It also has the clever SmartSand control feature that automatically regulates the conveyor motor speed when the work load gets a little too heavy. This assures that your machine won’t overload during intensive work.

Overall Product Rating: ★★★★☆

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Jet 649005K Drum Sander Features

  • Patented conveyor belt trackers
  • Precision-machined self-cooling aluminum drum
  • Cast-iron handwheel
  • Adjustable drum height
  • Continuous-duty 1 ¾ hp motor
  • SandSmart technology that prevents overloading
  • Sealed drum ball bearings

The JET 649005K Drum Sander Reviews

The Jet 649005K drum sander has collected only 14 customer reviews to date on 12 reviewers gave it excellent ratings, while only 2 users gave it a rating of below 3 out of 5 stars.   JET 649005K  review

Customers who gave low ratings had the following comments:

  • Needs plenty of adjustments – One unhappy customer pointed out that this model needed several careful adjustments before getting the sander to work efficiently.
  • Shipping problems – The other customer who gave a low rating did not complain about the product, but instead was unhappy with the fact that he never received his order from Amazon.
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On the other hand, there were a lot more Amazon reviewers who were satisfied with the drum sander. Here are some strong points of the product that they mentioned:

  • Quiet motor – Some users were impressed with how smooth and quiet the motor was during use. There was hardly any vibration at all, which really helps in achieving a very smooth finish.
  • Great results – Several reviewers were also pleased with how their sanded materials felt and looked like after going through the Jet 649005K.
  • Praises for the SmartSand feature – As always, the SmartSand feature always gets big points from customers. They love how the sander can intuitively adjust the speed of its conveyor belt as the work load varies—this prevents overloading and inconvenient shut downs in the middle of work.
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There are only 14 reviews for this product so far, but the trend in customer reviews is very similar to other Jet products. It seems assembly is often tricky and sometimes, customers receive units where the drum and the table are not properly aligned. But once these issues are resolved, the Jet 649005K works very well and delivers good results. It has a quiet motor and the SandSmart technology is very convenient.

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Overall Product Rating: ★★★★☆

All in all, this machine is probably not best for the novice user or for anyone who does not have the time and patience to figure out adjustments.  The JET 649005K Drum Sander unit will likely take some time to get used to, but its performance and overload-proof technology seems to make up for it nicely.

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