Grizzly G0459 Baby Drum Sander Reviews

The Grizzly G0459 12” Baby Drum Sander is perfect for bench tops and tool stands. But even though it is quite compact in size, it is fully equipped with a 1 ½ HP sanding motor and a variable speed conveyor motor. A gear table elevation handwheel helps you create just the right finish.  This drum sander is also not difficult to move from one spot to another, thanks to its sturdy side handles. And with its welded steel construction and industrial-duty conveyor belt, this drum sander is designed to stand the test of time. Work is also cleaner and more efficient with its built-in steel dust scoop.

Overall Product Rating: ★★★☆☆

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Grizzly G0459 12” Baby Drum Sander Features

  • Ideal size for bench tops and tool stands
  • 1 ½ HP sanding motor
  • Variable speed conveyor motor
  • Gear table elevation wheel
  • Steel dust scoop
  • 2 adjustable pressure rollers
  • Welded steel construction

The Grizzly G0459 Reviews

On retail site, the Grizzly G0459 Baby Drum Sander has only collected 10 customer reviews so far. Reviews are mixed, with half of the reviewers giving the product 5-star ratings and the other half giving the sander a rating of below 3 stars.

Among negative reviews, there is one common issue that stands out:

  • Faulty drive belt motor shaft – unhappy customers had complaints about the drive belt motor shaft not being durable enough and snapping off easily.
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However, the other half of reviewers who were satisfied with the product had different things to say:

  • Easy Assembly – The sander is practically almost ready to use upon opening the package. Users simply need to piece together a few parts which takes only 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Works beautifully right out of the box – Happy consumers commented that this drum sander required very little adjustments and ran smoothly on its first use.
  • Saves time – Since this sander works quickly and efficiently (according to some customers), they say that this machine has significantly cut down their working time.
  • Quiet operation – Some Amazon reviewers were also delighted to find out that the Grizzly G0459 Baby Drum Sander is quite easy on the ears. Operation is relatively quiet.
  • Heavy duty construction – Amazon users are also pleased with the sturdy construction of this drum sander. It looks durable and they feel confident that this machine could give them years of good service.
  • Good results – So far, consumers who gave it 5-star ratings claim that they are happy with the overall performance of this sander. The wood comes out sanded just the way they want.
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With only 10 customer reviews on, it’s a little too early to make any conclusive statements about the Grizzly G0459 Baby Drum Sander—that and the customer reviews are also quite mixed. It would be interesting to see how the trend in customer feedback changes as the number of reviews grows.

While there are those who love the Grizzly G0459 for its time-saving features and its efficiency, it’s interesting to note that the negative reviews all mention problems with the drive belt motor shaft.

Fortunately, the customer service department of Grizzly seems to respond promptly and efficiently to such problems and for this reason we would give the Grizzly G0459 a thumbs up.

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